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Company History

History from 1935 to present

80 Years and Counting of Experience

Founder Harlan “Scoop” Johnson, first opened the doors of Nevada Agency Company with assets totaling one chair and one desk, N.I.A.C. insured its first customer just a few hours later.

By January of 1937, the Nevada Insurance Agency Company was insuring three of the 4 state’s largest contractors. In less than two years, N.I.A.C. had earned a well-deserved position among Nevada’s most respected insurance agencies.

Clayton D. Phillips, a former Reno Chief of Police, joined Johnson in 1948. Over the years, the two partners continued to expand, insuring businesses and homes throughout the state.

During that time, Johnson and Phillips received numerous offers to merge with larger, out-of-state companies. Each of those offers was refused.

Our more than 80 years and counting of experience has taught us that we can best serve our clients by offering them individually-tailored programs. And that can only happen when we have an uncompromising commitment to our client’s long term goals, not the goals of an outside corporation.

Founder Harlan "Scoop" Johnson